Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

Hello World!!! I am new to blogging but it won't take long until I find out what to say next!!! I have heard that the first post is the most difficult. So, here goes:

I am an artist from Ireland, living in the lovely county of Clare. I only recently started to paint and I am enjoying this new world of art. I hope to soon show you what I have been up to and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Please feel free to leave any comments. I would love any tips on how to continue with this blogging stuff!

Thank you for visiting


Avril Brand said...

Hi Bridget!!! Great to see you are also into the 'blogging stuff'... Hope you have lots of fun and just shout... I will hear you over the hills!!! ROFLMAO

Bridget Beckley said...

Hi Avril! Great to hear from you!!!!!you will definitely hear me screaming!!

Avril Brand said...

Oh... it's so quiet in this blog! Where oh where are you, dear Bridget???